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mediacom Since 1999 Mediacom products entered the retail market with attractive Italian design and efficient up to trend features.
Smartphones, Sportcams, Tablets, Powerbanks, UPS, Digital Sport Devices, Wearables and any kind of accessories.
Mediacom is a trade mark belonging to Datamatic spa, Italian distributor since 1973 based in Milan.
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sapphire Specialized in Graphic Cards based on AMD Graphic Processor Units, Sapphire offers both AMD Radeon for gamers and AMD Firepro professional solutions.
Since 2001 the company is focused on providing the best manufactured graphic cards and keeps an unstopped leadership position in the market.
Strong experienced company, based in Hong Kong, provide any variance of solutions with different and effective heating systems and special designs.
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sharkoon German company well known in the gaming community provides gaming mice, gaming mousepads, keyboards, housing, power supplies.
The excellence of the German quality for materials, design and assembling results in perfect products full equipped with any kind of certifications.
The growth of the important gaming niche market gives Sharkoon the opportunity to attract large numbers of resellers, retailers and ecommerce.
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